Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring! Garden! Veggies!

It's getting warmer and almost time for t-shirts and shorts (and most definitely flip flops). It also means time to make camping reservations and casino trips. I love this time of year because it no longer gets dark at 5 (when I feel like I'm staying late at work everyday and don't want to do anything once I get out because it's so dark).

And spring also means I get to plant warm climate vegetables in the garden! I've been neglecting the garden because 1) it's been getting dark so early, 2) I get home late from work, and 3) I haven't had to water thanks to the steady Bay Area rain. This past weekend I went to the Flowercraft and picked up some starter seedlings (since slugs and snails and birds have been picking off the ones I grow from seeds). I picked up more cabbage because I think they're beautiful and the last batch made for some good soup. The hard part of gardening is getting rid of all the weeds after letting them go wild for months. I wore my plaid flannel shirt because I knew I'd be doing manly weeding and manly soil-turning and other manly things. It took a couple hours to clear out my two tiny plots.

I love when my plots are nice and tidy. It's much more inviting that way. Below is a photographic inventory of what I've got going in the garden so far. You can bet there'll be more updates soon(ish).


Cauliflowers from last year. One of them finally started to actually get big.

Summer squash (round zucchini)
I've been growing zucchinis every year since they produce so much fruit and are so easy to grow. This year I've moved on to round zucchinis.

Three kinds of cherry tomatoes because I'm indecisive. There's a red one, orange one, and yellow one.


A mix of regular and Roxanne (red) cabbage

Chard mix

Artichokes, also from last year. There are two plants left after one was dragged into a hole by a gopher.


Dugaldo said...

Yes, you are indecisive. And please tell me that plaid, flannel shirt was sleeveless.

bb char said...

i didn't actually read this post. but i liked the pictures!