Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm stressed out as fuck

So, to relieve some of that stress, I'll revisit this blog, which I more or less abandoned months ago. The thing is, I've got two presentations tomorrow and lots of stuff to design. I'll be working til at least 3 in the morning tonight. But I've got sketches done!

Adult life is tougher than what I had imagined as a child (or hoped for). Recently I've been reminiscing about how stupid I was to complain about life as a kept kid. I didn't have to pay for anything and got everything. Oh well, those days are gone, so I should probably worry about today. And these projects. And the presentations tomorrow.

Back to work.

Oh, and thanks, mom and dad, for the braces and those Nike Cortez shoes you got me way back when.

In Bataan, Philippines

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Dugaldo said...

Not to mention you have a pending Botanica Yoruba iPhoto project. I heard your client is a relentless bitch.